Sylvie Daunais - Stained Glass Artist

Custom Made Stained Glass

When meeting with you for the first time, Sylvie’s priorities are evaluating the theme, style, glass and colors that interest and excite you. She wants to make sure that the piece she will make for you is unique, truly your own, and of course, that it respects your budget!

Before finalizing the design, Sylvie likes to see where the piece will be displayed. She evaluates the light and the surrounding allowing her to give you important advice on the design of your piece.

"Larger pieces need the right transportation and installation. Sylvie takes care of delivering the finished work and supervising the final installation."

For Sylvie all steps are important; from the first discussions of an idea to the final installation of a completed piece.


Sylvie can incorporate a wide variety of objects into her works. Mementos, minerals, jewells and other treasured objects are given a new life in a stained glass setting.


"Any decor can use stained glass: Modern, Victorian, Contemporary. You just have to use your imagination and creativity. That’s why more and more designers and interior decorators work with stained glass."

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