Sylvie Daunais - Stained Glass Artist

Biography and Training


From an early age, Sylvie Daunais fell in love with the magnificent stained glass windows in churches and cathedrals. She would imagine stained glass patterns, inspired by books, paintings, sculptures and her very surroundings. She came to a realization; stained glass would be the medium that would allow her to fully express herself.

Having worked for 12 years in programming in the telecommunications industry, Sylvie decided that she needed to work with her hands. In 1997, she made a dramatic change in her professional life. With the support and inspiration of her husband, she decided to follow her dream; the creation of beautiful things.


Sylvie studied at the Studio du Verre in Montreal and at l’Atelier du Vitrail in Beloeil. Today, mentors guide her as she perfects her art, improving the quality and longevity of the pieces she creates.

She started with the study of the Copper Foil Technique developed by L.C. Tiffany, used mostly in the creation of lamps. Using this technique, she created small pieces such as jewellery boxes, candlesticks, suncatchers and other small decorative ornaments.

Sylvie then studied the Lead Came Technique, the oldest technique used in making stained glass windows, and which is absolutely necessary for the creation of large pieces. Her Mosaic work adds another dimension to her repertoire and can be integrated into furniture, patio paving stones, or any object that may inspire you!

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